Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ESPN to launch 3D network in June

USA Today reports that ESPN is going 3D. The sports network will launch ESPN 3D on June 11 with a World Cup soccer match, creating what it says will be the first all three-dimensional television network to the home.

ESPN 3D expects to showcase at least 85 live sporting events during the first year. There'll be no reruns initially, so the network will be dark when there's no 3D event. Among other events planned for 3D broadcast: the Summer X Games (extreme sports), NBA games, college basketball and college football. ESPN, which is part of Disney, has been testing 3D for more than two years.

Of course, as with all cutting edge technology, there will be challenges. Consumers will have to upgrade their TVs and may have to pay premium prices. There are reports that DirecTV will also launch a 3D channel.  Read the entire article here.

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