Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kindle Used to Motivate Young Readers

Dalzell Grade School, a grade school in Illinois is using Kindle e-readers to help encourage students of all levels to get excited about reading. The devices' dictionary feature has allowed students in fifth and sixth grade to better understand Washington Irving's "Rip Van Winkle," and the highlighting feature is being used to help kindergarten students sound out new words. Each device can hold up to 3,500 titles, a feature that educators say helps make up for their school's lack of sufficient library space. News-Tribune (La Salle, Ill.) (3/5)


  1. Someone at work told me that there is now a school library that has no books. (Part of the Community's of Practice Learning) I inquired more about it and they could not give me a specific reference to it. I tried googling it and this is all I found.

    After going to your link I realized this must be what they were talking about. While school library's are safe for now I fear for there future to some degree in a digital age.

  2. I am in agreement with you that students should be involved in there own learning and it helps a great deal when they can relate it to their own expeirences. Teaching is about changing lives. As instructors we must be flexable, any moment can be a teacher moment. We have to know how to make each thing connect with one another. Just because we are teaching math does not mean that we cannot mention something about literacy.


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