Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Relfections--Minecraft

An off-the-shelf game that is being used in in the classroom is Minecraft. See the video from the Idea Channel people arguing that this game is a "game-changer" in that it offers a new approach to game-based learning since it allows the user to construct the game. As Jeff Dunn (2013) explains, "In other words, a teacher could build his or her own video game tailored to the lessons being taught in the classroom. The students could then enter that custom game and explore, learn, and even build upon it themselves."  Check out the video and Dunn's blog post  discussing the pros and cons of using Minecraft in the classroom.

Andrew Miller, a blogger for Edutopia noted in this post Ideas for Using Minecraft in the Classroom, that "MinecraftEdu provides a custom mod, basically a customized modification of the game, that helps facilitate organization and focus for teachers to use Minecraft effectively. In addition, Joel Levin, the founder of MinecraftEdu, provides ideas and updates at The Minecraft Teacher blog.

What do you think about Minecraft? Would you use it in your classroom? Just how much work do you think it would take to build a high-quality learning environment within the game?


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