Saturday, January 8, 2011

Essays on Teaching Excellence available online, free of charge

As per the Professional and Organizational Development Network Core Committee's approval, all of POD's Essays on Teaching Excellence are now available online, free of charge, including Volume 21, the newest collection. These essays are available to all; POD membership is not required. The essays present innovative viewpoints on college and university instruction. Written in concise and non-technical language, and supported by research, the essays seek to assist instructors in reflecting upon and refining their practice of teaching to achieve the results they seek - students learning to the best of their abilities.

The eight titles and authors of Volume 21 are listed below. Look for Volume 22 in late spring.

Essays on Teaching Excellence | VOLUME 21
Facilitating Group Discussions: Understanding Group Development and Dynamics 
Kathy Takayama, Brown University

Transparent Alignment and Integrated Course Design 
David W. ConcepciĆ³n, Ball State University

Multiple-Choice Questions You Wouldn’t Put on a Test: Promoting Deep Learning Using Clickers 
Derek Bruff, Vanderbilt University

Engaging Students, Assessing Learning—Just a Click Away 
Linda C. Hodges, Loyola University Maryland

Research-Based Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity 
Michele DiPietro, Kennesaw State University

Using Undergraduate Students as Teaching Assistants 
Joseph “Mick” La Lopa, Purdue University

The Value of the Narrative Teaching Observation 
Niki Young, Western Oregon University

Deep/Surface Approaches To Learning In Higher Education: A Research Update

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