Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blackboard Offers Free Hosted Online Course System

Fully Hosted Online Course System for Instructors

By Blackboard Inc.
Blackboard Inc. announced the launch of CourseSites by Blackboard, a free, fully hosted and supported online course system featuring the Company’s latest teaching and learning technologies. The offering gives individual K-12 and higher education instructors an innovative, high quality cloud-based option to host online courses or add a Web-based component to traditional ones. The simple, easy to use system gives educators greater choice and flexibility for online courses in a system with cutting edge features that encourage experimentation. CourseSites is designed to support instructors who may not have access to a learning management system at their institution or school, or who may have access to an older platform system from Blackboard or a competing course management provider. There is no license fee, no hosting fee and no additional setup required for instructors to get started.


  1. ? What's the Catch? I've got to check this out, Thanks.

  2. Blackboard ... The Answer to overcrowded schools and school funding?

    Why not create a schedule where students go to school one week and do online schooling the next? Teachers could "Hotseat" the classrooms or assign 2 teacher teams that operate 2 classes at the same time. During 1 week the synchronized learning in the classroom. The 2nds week students work online on projects, papers, educational gaming, research, essays, ect.... Adminstrators and teachers get more time to work from home or while on the beach, double the students in classes, 1/2 the cost of transportation and 1/2 the cost of building usage, heating and air, maintence, ect...


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